Friday 4 February 2011

Death Rides His Horse Along Rayon Beach

Rayon Beach only finished dropping a call to arms with their HoZaC Records contribution Memory Teeth, a crazy-good 12'' that more people need to listen to! So now they come back at us with this delectably sleazy 7" (on Plastic Spoons Records, who also put out the only Fresh & Onlys release Ive actually liked, Vanishing Cream 7''). Death Rides A Horse is three tracks of hedonistic surf psych gunk, slabs of fang-baring fun that is impressive in its unbridled abandon. Imagine, if you will, a group of hippies force-fed speed by the spoonful, washed down with Gatorade (or another electrolyte-fuelled energy drink - we dont do product placement here...) - that is Rayon Beach. Dont ask me how - but they have given woozy psych a much needed injection of wanton aggression. This is fucking exciting stuff - buy it now!

Rayon Beach - Death Rides A Horse

You can catch Rayon Beach in their hometown of Austin, Texas in March when they grace HoZaC Records' SXSW Showcase with their presence, alongside other SM faves Heavy Times, Fungi Girls and Reading Rainbow - check out the poster below...

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