Tuesday 1 March 2011

Dreaming Of A Holy Name

Ive been a fan of Brooklyn punks Mr Dream ever since hearing their No Girls Allowed EP last year (check out how we championed them here and here). And its been a while coming, but today marks the release of the new LP, Trash Hit (originally titled Never Elaborate), on God Mode Records. The trio have mastered the art of ripping apart a song, flaying it to the bone, offering up the entrails, and making it giddily palatable - all within the space of a couple of minutes. It promises to be all the thrashy goodness these guys have been spitting up since last year, and they arent resting on any sized laurels, doing a few shows supporting Sleigh Bells and CSS around the US, starting at Grasslands in NY this Friday. With this kind of exposure, these boys could be entering everyone's dreams - hopefully without knives for fingers and a thirst for blood...

Mr Dream - Holy Name

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