Thursday 23 September 2010

Death by Stig Noise

Ever danced a samba with the devil? Ever moshed to Lucifer's loose ska? Ever jigged with Satan's Orkestar while his guitar wielding noise minions shredded your face?

No, neither have I, but I think Liverpool's Stig Noise MMX are treading on the Dark One's toes. I was witness to this raucous depravity of a live set when Stig Noise MMX supported Bletchley's finest, Action Beat, at the Macbeth a couple of weeks back. Live it is insane massive screaming noise - recorded its like be toyed with. Driving rhythms and brass push intense, experimental hooks ever onwards, changing pace and direction on whim. You'll dance like a puppet on strings made of sick brutal joy slime. This band has more ideas and twisted fun in one set than most bands manage in a lifetime, its great stuff.

Stig Noise MMX also have a healthy DIY edge, seemingly only recording splits or Vs with other bands. Their current split 12" with Barberos can be downloaded here for only £3, or you can order the 12" here. Its a must and its meager five tracks are enough to have kept me happy for weeks.

Stig Noise MMX - Streetcow.Stigg

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  1. God I wish I had made that show - this is awesome stuff Paul! Being poor fucking bites...