Sunday 5 September 2010

Stuck in Traffic?

Hey - its been a while.

Those of you who are a touch sharper might have noticed the number of posts have been a bit on the light side recently, and that Brendan has been taking the burden of Sonic Masala on his lonesome recently due to a 3 week lack of posts from Paul M. Well my work induced SM exile is over and its time I made up for lost posts, or time, or something. Those of you with a even sharper eye may also have noticed that I've taken the hiatus as an opportunity to introduce a new logo, and a design update to the blog, hope you like it. Thought it was about time we polished things up around here.

Anyway I've got more important things to post about, like that thing called music and such, but I also thought I should take the chance to remind you dear reader that you can 'like' Sonic Masala on Facebook, here, and follow us on twitter, here, and as ever gig photos on flickr here. As always let us know what you think - comments and piss takes are always welcome.

1 comment:

  1. Who noticed the redesign version 3b? Thought it was a messy the first/third time.