Wednesday 22 September 2010

No Joy for blonde ghosts

Way back in the barmy warmish days of May when summer was looming like a fuzzy giant on a distant soft horizon, we dropped the debut single from the LA/Montreal shoegaze pop spinners No Joy. Now the duo have a long player, Ghost Blonde, due out in November on Mexican Summer. Below is a new taste from said album, 'Heedless', and just to prove that these kids really do move with the seasons 'Heedless' sports a subtle harder edge to their sound, a blissful din like a cold snap biting at your sleeve reminding that the September nights are drawing in. Pre-order it here.

No Joy - Heedless

1 comment:

  1. This is tasty. I thought No joy might be a flash in the pan, a band that puts out something in the now and disappears in the deluge of other like-minded acts. 'Heedless' suggests this may not be the case...