Sunday 19 September 2010

Droning Hootenanny

Another band from the Thrill Jockey stable (via Not Not Fun) is Barn Owl. I have only just come across this clip of their track 'Light From The Mesa', and its pretty damn greasch. Languid droning music that fits right alongside stablemates White Hills (also mentioned on Sonic Masala today - yep, Im in that kinda mood) more elegaic tones, the San Fran outfit have been infiltrating the underground scene since 2007, putting out myriad releases under all kinds of guises (most of them handmade and limited editions). They are also on their way to the UK next month, where they will be playing Supersonic in Birmingham (which is a unique and most definitely awesome festival, showcase the harder, darker edge of the rock abyss - headlining are Godflesh and Swans...), whilst also managing to squeeze in a London gig at Corsica Studios with Master Musicians of Bukkake on October 25th. If the Moon Duo gig at Corsica is a precursor of the quality of performance this venue elicits, then this will be something special.

Barn Owl - Light from the Mesa from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

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