Saturday 11 September 2010

Wrestling With Prismatic Inner Gazing

Mickey Mickey Rourke is a busy busy boy. I only just spoke of upcoming album Inner Gazing, and already Im listening to it. Its an interesting piece, as is anything from MMR's oeuvre. It is dedicated to his grandfather who passed away this year, and as such is a 'concept' album about looking into the soul, a meditation, a spiritual journey. It didnt start out this way, but the tracks - their uniform wont to defy uniformity, no rhythm or melody in place, guest vocals from the likes of Cast Spells and regular collaborator Lester Brown on some of them - creates an overall otherworldy sound that does actually allow you to delve into yourself, or to drift away into your own subconsciousness. Or (as MMR readily admits) Inner Gazing might just be the ticket for trippin', or zoning out. Either way, this album is a perfect example of hallucinogenic ethereal ambient jammage.

Mickey Mickey Rourke - Gloomy Guts (ft Cast Spells)
Mickey Mickey Rourke - Purple Pee Pee

And to further the notion that Mickey Mickey Rourke is a seemingly bottomless font of spacey dreamscape viscera, here is a new track from ANOTHER forthcoming album, Magic User, which is said to be a natural flow on from Inner Gazing.

Mickey Mickey Rourke - Magic Man

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