Saturday 25 September 2010

Junior Low, Senior Hit

Sorry to post another Weed Diamond/Bridgetown Records post again (3 in 24 hours... - and there is so much more to offer there! Seriously, check the label site out now...or at least after you've read/listened to the following!), but just heard a track by Junior Low, who is Weed Diamond's guitarist Justin Schweitzer. Now I really like Weed Diamond. I really, really like School Knights. But after hearing 'Kimberly', I think Junior Low are top of the pops here. Its an amazing guitar do-wop wall of sound, dreamy and warped and amazingly textured, with Schweitzer showing an interesting pair of lungs on him. A little reminiscent of Japandroids' Post Nothing closer, 'I Quit Girls', but possibly better. It actually would seem that this guy is using Weed Diamond as his side project, not the other way around. This here is the real deal. Love it.

Junior Low's Heavy LP is available through Bridgetown Records here (click and scroll down...) - hurry, there are only 5 copies left! And check out his other work on his myspace page - it shows a much darker, dronier edge, still with that distinctive guitar noodling - this guy could be onto something, keep your eyes glued on him.


  1. Anonymous25/9/10 17:36

    a couple corrections concerning the last few articles

    in this one: not knight school, but school knights as you said in the last 2 articles
    in all three: *bridgetown records

  2. Yeah, I was made aware of this by Kevin himself, even after I spoke to him, thanks, all fixed now!