Sunday 12 September 2010

Siltbreeze Acolyte Proves Summer's a Bummer in Narc City

It makes sense that Picayune can mean a few things - a Spanish coin, a city in Mississippi, a newspaper in New Orleans - as the band are just as hard to pin down. No doubt they fit into the Siltbreeze-induced shitgaze genre to an extent - in fact Im not sure how this Richmond, Virginia band escaped their enviable clutches - but there is more than just maniacal bluster here. Recent album Summer Bummer extolls noise in grunge sound bites, but its accentuated by Picayune's (AKA Keith Varadi) prolific mastery of the dirty blues. Its what propels this band into a new realm entirely, yet still obliterating all soundscapes to create a harsh barren horizon that we all must precariously traverse. Picayune's guitarwork offers an element of dirt and murk, amplified to the nth degree, that make brain haemorraging on a deserted dusty highway sound like the best way to go out.

Summer Bummer is out now through Feeding Tube Records, whilst previous album Fucking At The Altar (Calypso Hum) should still be sought out over at Tomatosa Records. I endeavour to get everything they put out, because they are fucking amazing. First Metz, now this - its been a good day for killing brain cells.

Picayune - Narc City

Still don't believe me? Look at these clips! FUCK YES!!! Killer.

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