Tuesday 7 September 2010

Light em up

Torche seemed to disappear a little while back, and I was worried that they, like many likeminded bands from the mid 2000s, may have imploded and melted into obscurity. What a world, what a world!

But rest easy kids, cos Torche are about to hit us with their first album without guitarist Juan Montoya, Songs For Singles, on September 21 via Hydra Head Records. Am so looking forward to this!! It will also feature the track 'UFO', famous from Hydra's releasing of the song last year with a David Lee Roth vocal over the top. Whilst not the official version, it was still pretty amazing - or maybe even more amazing. And as I am yet to get the official version other than in streamland... go Roth it up below. Pre-order the album here.

Torche - UFO (short alternate version)

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