Monday 13 September 2010

My Disco Turns Tricks Into Little Joys

Still ranking as one of my favourite gigs of the year, My Disco (along with the brilliant Snowman and Factory Floor) blew the fuck out of the Lexington back in May. They threw down their 'single', 10 minute long 'Young', and proved that their angular time signatures and abrasive stop start industrial punk stylings are inimitable.

Well, the Melbourne trio were on their way to complete sessions on their 3rd LP, Little Joy, and its out through Shock Records on October 15. Produced by the legendary Steve Albini, it is pretty much assured that My Disco will not stray too far from their staple (ie angry spikes of guitar, demonically regimented bass, militaristic drums, all at different time patterns, all intrinsically focused). But every release offers a new palette for which the band can plan a new aural attack.

So what does Little Joy have in store for us? Check out first single 'Turn'. Its a moodier number than we have been previously privy to, and gives us something to chew on for the next five weeks until the album hits the shelves - which also means they will be touring again very soon. I, for one, am fucking excited.

My Disco - Turn

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  1. this is exciting. I thought that the entire paradise record was a whole bunch of songs that didn't make it onto cancer. turn sounds awesome, new and still my disco.