Monday 20 September 2010

The Dream Goes On and On and On...

We wrote not too long ago about HAM1, the Athens, Georgia conglomorate that is helmed by Jim Willingham's idiosyncratic narrative and psych-inflected folk Americana. With their 4th LP Let's Go On and On and On With HAM1 (through Orange Twin Records) not far from hitting shelves, the release of another song is welcome, and in 'Its Only A Dream Unto Itself', we are offered something special indeed. There are elements of Jason Molina and Neil Young in the soaring, warbling guitar twang here, whilst Willingham's vocal delivery is added from slicker production and emphasis on the effortless lyrical delivery. Its actually a beautiful song with just that hint of darkness and melancholy in the chorus that provides that precious hook. I've had this track on repeat since the weekend (sandwiched as it were between White Hills and Barn Owl, which I covered yesterday - seems an ill fit in principle, but worked well in my Swiss cheese fugue yesterday...) and I think you will like it too.

NOTE: Im unable to put downloads on here for the time being, but you can download this track from Soundcloud. Keep your eyes peeled for the release of HAM1's LP too.

It's Only a Dream Unto Itself by Deus Ex Machina Publicity

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