Thursday 9 September 2010

I am a baaaaaaaaaaaad panda...

Bad Panda Records are a collective that dedicates itself to putting out and supporting many small (and not so small - Great Lake Swimmers have been championed in the past) music makers of all shapes and sizes. We here at Sonic Masala have linked ourselves arm in arm with Bad Panda to bring you some of these acts that may or may not have come onto your radar.

Many of them fit into the electro-acoustic mould - that is, artists that are playing with genres to create an unique soundscape - so I thought Id open up with one of these acts. Talvihorros (otherwise known as Ben Chatwin) is an experimental composer from London who dips his toes in many fields - from ambient to post-rock and drone - with a somewhat classical bent. The output from such an approach is one of dreamy elegance, and 'The Blue Cathedral' from his album Some Ambulance perfectly showcases this. I hope you enjoy this, and other cuts that we will bring over the upcoming weeks. Thanks Bad Panda, much obliged.

Talvihorros - The Blue Cathedral

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  1. You're very welcome, Brendan! Many thanks to you!