Tuesday 28 September 2010

Strange Forces at work

Last month I posted about Candy Claws' hazy dreamscape summer pop showcased on their second L.P Hidden Lands. To me they were the perfect summer band back then - but what would be the perfect Autumn band? Beckoning the icy rush of September's darker nights and the endless drop of crisp leaves, I give you Strange Forces.

The three piece from Brisbane are currently based in Berlin, which might explain why the 'psychedelic spaceman drone rock' has a dark brooding resonance, like you're listening to the last days of the sun as it fights its final moments before plunging into the swell and blackness of another reality altogether. Psychotropic vocals beckon you in as layers of driving drone smother you. Its dark, its tribal, its utterly mesmerizing.

Strange Forces have a long player, Hypervisions, dropping soon, it might be the best thing about the end of summer. Check out their blog here.

Strange Forces - Soul Window
Strange Forces - Shizer In The Shadows

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  1. Wow, I never thought Strange Forces would put out such a great sounding record! I was expecting something sludgier, or more lo-fi - but the crispness of the production sounds fantastic. I want this one Paul...