Sunday 12 September 2010

Negative Creeps

We here at Sonic Masala do love our noise. The bigger the better. Although I like mine with some sort of meaning behind it - something that is wielded by the band, not the other way around. So a lone article in Spinner Canada had my interest incredibly piqued. It claims that one of their own (from Ottawa no less!) are the wielders of so much noise and power that they compare to My Bloody Valentine back in the 90s - and its all sheer will of force, no stacks of amps and effects pedals in sight!

We Are Busy Bodies is responsible for bringing Metz to the populace (home of other noiseniks such as DD/MM/YYYY and Japanther), having just completed a trilogy of 7"s which would be well worth your time seeking out. Metz bring back the noise, 90s sludge style - there is a definite amount of Seattle slime oozing out of the speakers infused with some of the 00s aesthetics we have come to love. Definitely one to watch...

Metz - Negative Space

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