Thursday 16 September 2010

Inability to talk, propensity to sing

What an ace choice of a band name for a post rock outfit!

Taiwan's Aphasia (which is the total impairment of language ability) are a band that before a couple weeks ago had never ventured beyond their homeland. Its possible you may have heard of the band they came out of the ashes of, Nipples (an experimental noise rock band that featured Guitarists Yi-Jyun Wu and Su and bassist KK previously). Either way, they are currently playing in Canada, and their 'sudden unearthing' has met with some murmurs in blogland - and with good reason. A real brooding sense of subvertive menace pervades many of Aphasia's tracks, and although they have only been together since 2007, their Sonic-Youth infused roots are evident in colouring their time signatures. However Canadian label Arts & Crafts (Broken Social Scene, Metric, Constantines) are distributing their 2nd LP, 2008's The Crocodile Society of Aphasia, which might launch these guys more into the limelight that they so rightly deserve.

Check out track 'Deep Spring' below, and a recording from their Canadian tour of 'The Freedom Highway' (the sound muffles at times but its a very fine live recording nonetheless).

Aphasia - Deep Spring

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