Wednesday 15 September 2010

Good Electro-Acoustic Morning!

Halfway through the week kids. Ive been delving into some of my more inoffensive offerings to help overcome a slight headache that has built up behind my eyes, but don't worry, Im not going to go all easy listening on your arses! Instead I have a couple of beuatiful tracks straight outta Bad Panda Records to help us ease into the day!

First up we have American Green, a Japanese artiste by the name of Takafumi Shirai. His music comes from a love of all kinds of coalescing, Coca Cola and coffee.

Then we have Bing and Ruth, an NY ambient post-rock outfit orchestrated by David Moore, and it is a true orchestration - 11 people singing and playing clarinets, cellos, bass, piano and percussion, all combining to interpret the slow building visceral dynamics that Moore has envisaged. There is an element of Max Richter in these orchestrations, although not quite as minimalist, which is a great thing.

American Green - She Goes To France
Bing And Ruth - Rails

I really like Bing and Ruth, so a couple of plugs - firstly they have a great double LP City Lake out worth chasing down (which 'Rails' is from) and secondly are playing with Black Heart Procession. And - what the heck - a music vid short film!

David Moore / Bing and Ruth - Take Away Show #102 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Hope this helps you through this morning!

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