Wednesday 8 September 2010

Glacial sine waves from Pakistan

Snow Makes Things Perfect is the creation of Asfandyar Khan. The Pakistan-born mood-makers wears his influences on his sleeve - Eluvium permeates this entire album - and in doing so has created one of the most ambient releases of the year. Snow Makes Things Perfect is so ambient in fact that it is near translucent - although short in essence, with only 6 tracks, the release crackles over you like a glacier, endeavouring to entrap you in a timeless otherworld that couldn't be any further removed from Khan's hometown of Islamabad than if it was created on Neptune. Its a very intriguing listen, one that creeps over and into you after a few listens. An impressive listen, and along with Mike Mokotow from last month, showcases the lengths that one can go to from the confines of the bedroom, leading into new worlds.

Asfandyar Khan - North Sea Troubadour

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