Friday 10 September 2010

Breaching Adolescence Into A Black Hole

One of the great 'finds' for Sonic Masala this year has been Young Adults. The trio from Massachusetts impressed many with their demo earlier this year - evident from picking up a support slot for Male Bonding and Best Coast at the end of the month - and in November they are priming to release their debut album, Black Hole, in November (through Czech label AMDISCS). An apt title too. A band that immerses itself in caustic walls of bruising guitar and chanting vocals that cross Japandroids and No Age, Young Adults are a band that firmly fit SM's mold of bands we love. What is impressive about Black Hole is how these guys are ready to supersede these two bands in ferocity, veracity and playability. Opening with ethereal 'Reverie' they blister the wall paint with 'Let Us Out' and never let you get a breath for the rest of the album. A very assured debut that highlights a tight insular band whose intensely coiled aggression coalesces into a fine brand of angst ridden rock with enough punk, shoegaze and early 90s DC sound aesthetics to punch their way through to the speakers and sear themselves onto your eardrums. I havent felt so energised by a new album this year since hearing Male Bonding's Nothing Hurts - nuff said.

Drifing by TheKLYAM

And to brush up on Young Adults, check out our previous entry on their demo here.

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