Tuesday 14 September 2010

What Happens If Doc Had Used A Flux Pentaphile...

Got this over the wire on the weekend and am suitably impressed. NZ trio Transistors have just released EP Flux Pentaphile (you can grab it over at their Bandcamp site) and its a nice intro to the band's take on garage rock. Having been a band in some form since the beginnings of high school, Transistors have created a fast and noisy snot-nosed sound that encapsulates their musical mores (AKA 60s garage, 70s powerpop and punk, 80s hardcore) and firmly places them in the realms of the Dirtbombs and compatriots Mint Chicks (both of which they have toured with, as well as Crocodiles and B.R.M.C.). They released an LP from last year too - Shortwave - which would be good to chase down. Overall though, Transistors do exactly what they say on the tin - fast, loud, noisy, obnoxious, garage rock. Which I absolutely love!

Transistors - Details
Transistors - Reception To Porter (Both tracks from Flux Pentaphile EP)


Transistors - Two Shadows (from Shortwave LP)