Friday 10 September 2010

Livin For The Weekends

Weekends are a band I heard about a few months ago from a friend who had been to South By South West and did a bit of a scout around. From all intents and purposes the 2 piece from Baltimore have drawn not unwarranted comparisons to the likes of Ponytail and Lightning Bolt, probably due to the fractured time signatures, guitar weird wizardry and shouty vocal interplay. Both members of the band write songs and play both instruments, which is always a plus when seeing them live Id imagine. I havent really got anything else to go on - except that they kicked off Impose Magazine's Cassette Series a couple months back - its a cracker! I like it more than the next two incarnations (although i do like both, as yesterday's post about Blissed Out and tomorrow's about Birthdays can attest), particularly title track 'Psychedelic Mice'. Reminds me of that show, 'Biker Mice From Mars', remember that? NO? WHAT??? Anyway, they also rock a mean cover of Future Islands' 'Little Dreamer' too. Their latest LP Strange Cultures (through Friends Records) came out earlier this year, and Im making it a perogative to hunt it down (the vinyl has an exclusive 7 minute version of 'Raincoat' - you should too...

Oh yeah, and its a hell of a lot of fun too.

Weekends - Psychedelic Mice
Weekends - Little Dreamer (Future Islands cover)

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