Monday 27 September 2010

Slowcoaches just catch fuzz

As Brendan pointed out recently Sonic Masala (especially me) likes a good old manic mess sometimes. Sometimes you have to forget all the niceties and subtle touches and make a bloody great noise, all raw energy and detuned angst. Ideally it comes with a mosh pit in a small, packed sweaty dive of a venue and frankly you're in a small corner of Sonic Masala heaven, and Leeds trio Slowcoaches fit that bill.

Unfortunately I missed Slowcoaches when they played Upset The Rhythm's Yes Way, gutted all round, as their mess of distorted, laid back girl vocals and thrashed out guitar squiggles would have been a perfect fit for any gig with such an emphasis on lo-fi DIY fun. That'll do nicely.

Slowcoaches - Fuzzy Felt

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