Friday 9 August 2013

Trolling A Good Holodeck House

Not one but two reissues from Austin, Texas' Holodeck are helping me get outta the fugue state I'm in after the excellent Sonic Masala show last night (thanks for coming along and supporting guys!). First up is Untitled, an LP of six untitled intricate drone machinations from trio Good Stuff House, featuring members of the excellent Kwaidan and Zelienople. It wavers between Western acoustic apocalypse, dystopian desolation and despair, and the haunting echos of a ghost town, all set to a gentle hum and ghostly murmur. Wind chimes and the echoes of a closing door in 'Untitled #2' are equally entrancing and perturbing, like an abandoned and dilapidated building smothered in sunlight, doors missing, cavernous darkness within.It disintegrates and regenerates, the acoustic guitar a forgotten echo of a pastoral farmer plucking before the sun died. Dark, evocative, excellent.

Then there is the self-titled Troller record. I have actually had a hold of this since February, and haven't found the right time to talk about it - until now. The goth drone trancers have carved out something so insidious and devious that it is difficult to succumb, because if you do you aren't waking from this nightmare. The cover alone makes this an impulse buy - seriously, look at it! - but the content is no laughing matter; this is the score to a bad trip, a lysergic fall down endless stairwells, a fever dream of ultra gloss, red neon windows and zero gravity, an aural Giallo for the space age. Seductively disturbing.

You can grab these albums here. My pick is Good Stuff House, but only because I'm scared what Troller is doing to me - long live the flesh.

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