Tuesday 13 August 2013

Running Out Of Alex

When Ruban Nielson left behind his New Zealand home and disbanded The Mint Chicks, endeavouring to embark on a psychogenic pop adventure in the form of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, I was incredibly excited – and understandably so, as his two albums have proven to be warbled pop delights, revelling in the left of field whilst imbued with a strong knack for hook, melody and longevity. I didn’t think it could be replicated, and I don’t believe that Edmonton's Alex Calder’s debut EP Time (out now on Captured Tracks) is endeavouring to do that. Yet opening track ‘Suki & Me’ is a damn fine reiteration of the same musical tropes, and rather than scratch the noodle in bemusement over apparent artist pilfering, I’ve been mesmerised. The rest of the album veers into the jangly beach pop fare that the Dustin Payeurs and Jack Tatums of the past few years have propagated, and some of these tracks toe the line a little too closely to truly stand out. But Calder is a definite presence – songs like 'Fatal Delay' and the title track straddle the line between psych pop meandering and sunny malaise...meandering... It's the kind of album that soundtracks a morning of sunshine and haze after a particularly big night out, scattered order, addled yet laconic. It's certainly an intriguing hit-out

You can purchase Time here - listen to the EP below.

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