Tuesday 13 August 2013

Sonic Masala Presents a Duo Fest At The Hideaway TONIGHT!

Morning compadres. Tomorrow is a holiday if you are in Brisbane, as it is the week of dagwood dogs, hay bales, regenerate rednecks and rampant influenza - that's right, the Brisbane Show. Let's get in the spirit of things together by eschewing all things Ekka, and watch some bands at The Hideaway tonight! Tiny Spiders are playing their only show for a while, Screamfeeder's Kellie Lloyd keeps her solo juggernaut a-rollin' (but is here complemented by tyro skinsman Branko Cosic) and technicoloured dream team Brainbeau. Everything kicks off at 8.30 - it's $8 - there is no work tomorrow - it's not the Ekka. Let's agree that that is pretty much the greatest concoction right there.

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