Thursday 22 August 2013

The Eve of Giving Best Friends' Nosebleeds

The thing about close friendships is that they go through many phases - often terrible ones - yet come through the other side, the unsinkable dinghy in the face of the perfect storm. A best friend takes your shit and gives it back, but also knows when to drop the charade and bring it in for the real thing. You can be every facet of your true self in front of your best friend, and you won't be judged. You hold onto memories of events that others have long forgot; you reminisce over actions, sayings and relationships that have long since faded into obscurity. Fuck the rest, here is the best.

Art Is Hard Records champion this age-old mantra - they work hard to be your friend in all the right ways, providing releases that are unique and mean something, and are always giving. They even have a band in their roster called Best Friends, whose Throwing Up album from last year was a cracker. Now the two are embracing once more - the Sheffield lads have delivered a fantastic lil AA 7" in the form of Happy Anniversary/Nosebleeds, and AIH have come to the party, bundling up the record with a t-shirt and specialised comic. See - Best Friends just keep on giving...

Purchase the record or bundle here - it's the perfect gift for a mate.

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