Sunday 11 August 2013

Tomorrow's Bright Seas

The shifting sands of San Jose has taken on a new sheen of piety and wholesome gloss, if resident drifter Seabright's new album Tomorrow is on the money. Put out on DZ Tapes, Tomorrow is a woozy shuffle through refracted sunrays, VHS tapes of soaring seagulls and lakeside imaginings, perpetual sunsets and eyelids at half-mast. Seabright (AKA Justin Morales) seems intent on (and content to) wash his sonic palette in shimmering pastels, a swathe of echoed reminisces and liberal doses of liberation. Listen to the lightweight, sonorous 'Hot Wire' and not feel the sun warm you from the inside. Tomorrow need not come when Seabright is already here.

You can purchase Tomorrow in cassette form here.

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