Monday 26 August 2013

Let's Hear It For Earl Boykins

Let's start the day and the week with some loud, fuzzy punk with a moniker named after an NBA player...

Earl Boykins are from Purchase, NY, and features members of Battle Avenue. That should tell you enough, really. Their latest self-titled EP (out now on Chick Records) is five tracks of infectious, slightly grizzly, always partying tracks about girls, boys, holidays and not having girls/boys/holidays. The songs are melodic, slight reverb on the vocals, made to be thrashed out - a hell of a lot of fun, in other words. Guttural garage party.

You can grab Earl Boykins here.

UPDATE - the band are prepping a split 7" with the likeminded Cutters, and their unmastered contribution, 'Friends', is a balltearer!

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