Friday 2 August 2013

Neon Writer

I completed my first workshop as a university lecturer/tutor today. It was pretty daunting, but I was talking about creative writing, so it wasn't all bad. It was weird being in amongst all these people who believed they were going to rule the world with the wielded pen, and were looking up to me to guide them. I have one short story and a couple of poems to my creative writing CV only; my manuscript is bouncing around in people's bottom drawers or slush piles (I assume); I haven't completed anything "new" for over three years. Yet then again I'm surrounded by creative people everyday - I write this every day - I publish music articles every day. Nevertheless, I came away feeling a little...fraudulent.

That isn't true - I actually felt great. But it can be overwhelming when writing and things don't glue, yet you feel that they should. People can slave away at their creative endeavours in the dark for their entire lives. Sonic Masala is devoted to finding things we like and giving them that little push, that little ray of sunshine. And Writer (the penny drops on this tenuous rambling) is the current band that I'm turning to here. The Brooklyn based pair have their I Make Neon  7" out soon (you can pre-order it from Nineteen98 Records), and 'IE' from it has been inadvertently coming up on the Sonic Masala playlist this week (which I will be making available to you all soon - multimedia doyens that we are!). Of course they have been around for a little while - rudimentary research revealed an album, Brotherface, that came out last year and is pretty good - but this track helped to clear the cobwebs for me. A band called Writer, rocking the fuck out in the darkness - sounds like easy living to me!

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