Tuesday 6 August 2013

Tape Deck Mountain Holds Sway

I had ideas for posts for today. Honestly, I did! But they all fell out of my head the moment I put on Tape Deck Mountain's latest tracks from his upcoming LP Sway (out in October on principal TDMer Travis Trevisan's own label Nineteen98, which also houses the great WRITER whom we wrote about only last week). I loved loved LOVED their Secret Serf EP back in 2011 - but something tells me the year Trevisan spent in Austin, Texas is going to channel something brilliant into his sonorous shoegaze shtick. You probably have already partook in 'Always Lie' the first cut off it - and seriously, it's a goddamn killer of a track. Trevisan's vocals/lyrics are at times uplifting and weighty, the gravity that pulls you down before you soar into the stratosphere. But it's his guitar that will be the focal point - and with good reason. It's hard to truly explain how glorious the guitar is on this track, and yet so loud. Shoegaze done so right, Kevin Shields should be taking notes. An opiate for the masses. Then there is the more instrumental leaning 'Mystics', which is a much more subdued affair - feeling underwater, 20,000 leagues under the weather, weightless, wondering, always wondering. Its ponderous tone echoes the restrained fare of Mogwai's latter works, albeit with that familiar shoegaze wash, and it seems like a masterstroke after the overt excellence of 'Always Lie' - like a rebuff, 'Mystics' dampens the rampant anticipation, the curveball that only serves to heighten anticipation for those in the know. Sway is now in my top five most hotly anticipated releases in the back end of 2013.

Stay tuned.

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