Tuesday 27 August 2013

Peaceful Gnashing Under Spectral Shelter

From noise-infused pop to - well - just noise. The debut album for Terence Hannum (from heavy metallic outsiders Locrian) is available on vinyl through Shelter Press, and it offers something that can't always be maintained by avatars of noise-isms - Spectral Life is a meditation, a sonic mantra that somehow disappears inside its own abrasive exterior, becoming a tinnitus-bearing lullaby. The shearing sparks-off-metal cyclical is actually beautiful in its tantric endurance - a maintenance of that finely tuned balance between pain and pleasure. Proof that it's possible to find eternal peace in the seventh level of hell, Spectral Life is a soothing yet searing masterclass in how drone music can enter the blackest realms yet still remain alluringly hypnotic. Great stuff.

You can pick up Spectral Life here- seriously, a precious find.

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