Tuesday 27 August 2013

Hearing Voices, Giving Testimony

What is the most intensely human of noises? Is it a shout of ebullient joy? Maybe intermittently. More likely, though, it's a dry cough; a drained klaxon amongst all the other noise; the whole volume of time and space and material.

But pick a moment in time, coughing or otherwise, and forget how simple you have been told things are. Picture a glistening piece of spittle careening in slow-motion through mid-morning sun rays, or look - really look -  at a stained glass window. Who cares whether god or Alfred North Whitehead invented refraction or sand, that shit is amazing. "Joan of Arc" Testimonium Songs is like this: small moments of beauty; intensely human. It's the kind of beauty that can only be momentary. Brush your hair out of your eyes. We can cough together. And shout in joy together too (sometimes). And shudder and wonder at each other.

Cough up for a copy from Polyvinyl Records here.

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