Saturday 10 August 2013

The Shady Ways of Barbiturates

There is something Gerling-y about Barbiturates. That's a big compliment. The dreamy nature of the production and the wobbly nonacceptance of the norm hark to that same backpack-wearing spirit. What they have in those backpacks is another question....

The concentric circles on the cover of Shades set the tone for the album. Delayed and looped against a background of metallic silver; alien colours for alien sounds. There's also something playful here, giddy even - a kind of nod to the absurdity of a life where we know more trivial details then we were ever designed to know. What happens when, for whatever reason, they all burst out of your head? Barbiturates' Shades is one answer.

Beam yourself up a copy (limited to 50 10-inches) from Lost Race here.

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