Sunday 18 August 2013

Tossing Guerrillas Gets Me All Sedimental

Holy shit. I thought I'd sit down with the new split LP Kicked Back Into The Crypt outta Sophomore Lounge for some late-night grooves - and can't stop the bleeding. Is there such a thing as a gleeful aneurysm? The perpetrators of such internal mayhem are New York avant psychos The Sediment Club and Boston atonal banshees Guerilla Toss. 

The Sediment Club is something akin to Foot Village having forgone the percussive diarrhoea and replaced with fucked up distorted guitars, eye gouging and Pissed Jeans' reading from the Book of David Yow.  This kind of ebullient evisceration doesn't come along all that often - it's still turgid bile, but goddamn it tastes good - the black rainbow.

Sediment Club - Ink Drunk

Then the heaving discharge that is Guerilla Toss' side comes to pass, and we have even more fervent soul stripping noise, with the rants and howls of Sediment Club's Austin Julian replaced with the siren/Syren wails of Kassie Carlson and frenetic staccato noise that flays you willingly to the core and beyond. A quivering, happy mess? Only if you promise to continue. The Cenobites haven't truly understood the pleasure/pain balance - it took a bunch of raving lunatics to work out the equation, in aural form. The world is deliciously doomed.

Guerilla Toss - God Fearing Sex Symbol

Put Kicked Back Into The Crypt (which you can pick up here) alongside another Sophomore release, Skimask's Cute Mutant LP, and you have the end of the world mixtape all sewn up. See you at the Rapture, fuckers.

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