Saturday 17 August 2013

Courting Heartache on Interior Floors

I had root canal surgery in primary school. It sucked, but not as much as my first high school breakup. Eating custard for two days has nothing on lying in a darkened room, alternating between moaning and burying your head in a pillow. Toothache's better than heartache, baby, I can attest to that. Definitely better - if there is a scale for such things.

Something that's better than any type of ache is Parquet Courts new song 'You've Got me Wondering Now' (off forthcoming EP Tally All the Things That you Broke out on What's your Rupture?).  This one is going right in alongside Light Up Gold so I can play them back-to-back during my Sunday morning 'life affirming music hour'. And how could it not be life affirming...? It has a fucking recorder in it! Forget the blues, pull your head out of the pillow, eat as much custard as you want! Anything broken can be glued (pretty much). Parkay on.

'You've Got Me Wondering Now' is a crooked smile. It's clever in a fun way. Self-aware but never arrogant. Say yes when it asks you to dance and it'll spin you through a rapid-fire slideshow of off-kilter kicks. You better grab it here.

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