Sunday 11 August 2013

Beware The Idea Of Cats

A fortnight ago I mentioned British gal Ides' amazing track 'Prisms' - if you can't remember, head here - it's one of the best tracks of the year. Ides (AKA Alanna McArdle) is putting out a split 7" next month, I Like What You Say, out through Reeks Of Effort Records with Brighton's King of Cats, another nom de plume for Maxy Levy. Levy's solo (and sometimes band) venture is a bit more cantankerous, a bit more obtuse, a bit more cacophonous - a grumpy moggy sitting in the sun, swatting at dust motes as they float in and out of sight, distracting it from stalking another pesky squirrel in the backyard. Self-described as "screamy folk", Levy's vocals come across as harsh, sawblade grinding, screeches into the open fins of a pedestal fan, before they settle into the swirling clatter and din to feel at home. This has a chug and distorted groove that the Boston bands I've been into of late (Pile, Spook Houses, Grass Is Green) harbour, which is also great. It's all a little unhinged, and there is something joyous in all that. 

Yin and yang? Maybe - but these deceptive troubadours are drenched in the emotive, tearing out your hair, heart and lungs - soulmates in lopsided chagrin. Pre-order I Like What You Say here.

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