Wednesday 7 August 2013

Reaching For The Gar

I was talking to my Sonic Masala brother-in-arms Nathan just yesterday how it feels like Brisbane is approaching a golden age of bands, artists and personalities that are not only doing things creative, but are self-starters and willing to help others, a true productive and creative hub. It turns out to be the perfect time to talk about The City Of Burning Identities, the latest EP from Beijing band The Gar, as its excellent sunny disposition, Built To Spill aphorisms and (most honestly and tenuously) album title fit my thoughts about my hometown like a glove. It doesn't matter that The Gar are from China; that their songs are sung in Chinese; what matters is the urgency, the honesty, the fervent nature of these tracks. They are put out here by Tenzenmen Records, an outlet here in Australia that truly fosters that vibrant, DIY aesthetic. They stick out like sore thumbs in their scene but are embraced for and in spite of that, hence the Beijing/Shanghai scene having similar parallels. And they forge ahead through adversity to create a slick, textured slice of guitar pop that is often missing from the airwaves in this day and age (apart from the hallowed halls of the aforementioned Built To Spill that is).

You can pick up The City Of Burning Identities here - Tenzenmen have new stock on its way due to the first run selling out almost immediately!

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