Friday 2 August 2013

No Positive Visitors To These Dreams

Finally, I'm going to bed. It's been a sweet day - a long day at work, followed by my first university lecture gig, followed by some sweet Vietnamese (both brew and food), and finalised with Bardo Pond, supported by my friends in Dreamtime and Pale Earth. I even spoke to Isobel from BP about how they used my entire post about the UK reissue of Ticket Crystals verbatim for their PR - so yeah, sensational day.

And now I'm in bed, drifting off, with Quttinirpaag's No Visitors in my ears. Not only is it an absolute syntax nightmare, and it has the acronym for the university I'm working at in it, BUT this LP from the Austin noise marauders slays. This is what synthetic nightmares are made of - glacier of glass breaking down as an avalanche of sonic shards, barbed wire, silicon coffins, morphing membranous contusions, monotonous dark hallways, shadows that shudder frame by frame. Motorik contortions rise from the swamp, offering relief in electrified sleep, before static explosions rend everything asunder. Quttinirpaag list Skullflower, Drunkdriver and Twin Stumps as flickering guideposts in their headlight-void drive down a lost highway, so you know exactly what to (or what not to) expect.

Not really the best sleeping material, sure, but it's working for me. Let the Sandman come - he'll have a fight on his hands...

You can buy No Visitors (on deep purple vinyl) here.

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