Saturday 10 August 2013

Perversion Tripping on Sacred Bones

Sacred Bones are a blessing. Forthright and malodorously human in all of their output, they hold fast always to consecrated intention. Their two latest releases, Pop. 1280's Imps of Perversion and Destruction Unit's Deep Trip, grow this collection of modern relics. These bands are worthy of pilgrimage, grimy, wife of no bath, pilgrimage.

There is power in repetition; of pulsing currents, of tearing forces, of ink-stained vaults. Pop. 1280 know this well. Pop. 1280 do this well. The world is a nailhouse. There is no land of milk and honey, it is sour and dripping, it strides towards destruction. But we can be more than vapour, we can be together. We can hold each other when we find out what we didn't want to know. We can feel something. We can live by the light we produce for ourselves, drown in the currents of our own humanity and bask in the death throws. Pop. 1280 grip a fascinating nausea, white-knuckled and brilliant in vainglory.

Look around you. We are at the bottom of a stunning well of gravity. Any notion that we can comprehend such a fact is laughable; a god trip. Reality is torn apart and put back together by our brains like babies using soggy teething sticks to complete crosswords. There are lines we follow that will never lead anywhere. But with volume and with energy we can confront the deep trip; we can take to the desert and, from the rubble, build our own monument, one that the visage of Rameses will fall in front of. Destruction Unit have something for you, it's for your health. Drink from the well.

We will never know the world as it really is, but we can know it is sacred. And sometimes we can feel it. Sacred Bones are a blessing. Get your copies here now.    

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