Friday 20 May 2011

Putting Up A Smokescreen For These Religious Knives

Religious Knives are essentially Michael Bernstein (guitar, synth, vox) and Maya Miller (organ, vox). They have built their lives around exploring the extremities of noise, dabbling in industrial overtones and Kraut extrapolations before settling on their current band's blend of drawn out drones, haltingly played organ welts, repetitious structures and swirling melodies, all kept in some semblance of check by Todd Cavallo on bass and Ryan Nadieau on drums. Their last album on Ecstatic Peace was highly acclaimed and co-produced by label owner Thurston Moore. Smokescreen, the new LP out on Sacred Bones (sigh...) follows the blueprint that they have set in the past, and follow fellow sonic troubadours Moon Duo into the psychedelic wilderness, trheatening to envelop themselves entirely in their aural trips of double-helixing grooves. Nothing is in a hurry to get anywhere - just coast on the vibes and you'll get where you need to go...whether you want to or not...

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Religious Knives - The Message
Religious Knives - Garbage Can

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