Wednesday 4 May 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes...From The Ice Age

Its funny how some things work out. I was writing up this post when my friend Si sent me a message asking if Id heard the new album by iceage called New Brigade. No shit Ive heard, Im listening to it right now dude! Great minds and all that...

So yeah, iceage are, apart from being CAPS LOCK and spacebar averse, a Danish teenage band that seriously know how to be brutal and melodic, like if Bad Brains had an aborted foetus that was given the paddles by early DNA. Then were beaten repeatedly with a stick and left locked in a cage for 18 years. This is visceral, primal, electric, modern, vintage, vile, sublime... This is amazing, such a good record, and the weird thing is, despite the apparent influences, these guys sound Not many bands can claim that nowadays. Maybe its because so few bands have the balls to do old school hardcore infused with actual vitriol, disdain and unaffected cool, just because they can. These guys are just getting started. A big call, but...album of the year? (YES, I know it came out last year, but with the re-release and all, it can be claimed, can't it?)

This thing is selling like hotcakes, and with New Brigade finding another release through What's Your Rupture? (after sellouts in Denmark and on DAIS Records), iceage are leaving their Scandinavian climes and are playing in London tomorrow night at The Victoria! If you miss this you will not want to live - trust me.

iceage - White Rune
iceage - Collapse

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