Friday 20 May 2011

A Double Friday Cover Up - Ghost Animals Are Helpless, Robert Johnson Goes Noise

I missed out on a Friday Cover Up last week, mainly because I didnt have one on hand that I particularly liked. But wouldn't you know it - two have come to hand, so Im boosting both of them on yo sorry asses today - prepare to be German supplexed!

First up is Ghost Animal, whose sounds came out a little while back which we quite liked. Well they have helped themselves to a little Neil Young frivolity as part of Headed For The Ditch, a tribute album to the mighty man which you can get here. 'Helpless' is suitably ramshackle and warbled, and whilst no one generally has a hope in hell of bettering Young's work, it is a solid effort.

Ghost Animal - Helpless (Neil Young cover)

But that ain't nothing folks... Second is EMA, whose new album Post Life Martyred Saints is out now and is ace of base! She released the opening track off the album, the seven minute long 'Grey Ship', as a single. The B-side is something else altogether - a sixteen minute short retooling of blues progenitor Robert Johnson's 'A Kind Heart'. Sparse, stark, scary.

EMA - 'Kind Heart' by theQuietus


  1. Anonymous20/5/11 14:31

    Great! I loved the EMA track

  2. Its great isnt it? EMA's album is pretty special too...