Tuesday 3 May 2011

Taking Polls On The Races

This week has been the week of the seven inch here at Sonic Masala (take that as you will...) and the wax hits keep a-comin, as the folks over at Jaxart Records have released two lil 7" releases by two notable lil bands.

Races' debut 7 inch is full to brimming with the seven piece outfit's lush, brooding harmonies, strong musicianship, and wonderful sense of melody. There's something in this release that harkens back to indie rock of earlier times, that embraces the melody of the song before dissonance and angst, which makes for a refreshing full circle, especially on the bombastic climes of 'Big Broom'. They have a album coming out soon - Ill be keeping an eye out for that one...

Races - Big Broom

Polls are outta Los Angeles and deliver some lovely noise pop, that offers raucousness with a lightness of touch not oft seen in this kind of musak. They had a cool little EP out last year, and now are preparing to charm us some more with a brand new 7 inch single “Mouth of A Fox” b/w “Careful Way” out May 24th. Only 250 copies will be made on translucent blue vinyl, so it will be a nice little gift to you and yours...

Polls - Mouth Of A Fox

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