Sunday 22 May 2011

My Wet Hair Is Radiant!

The first of two Wet Hair posts this week, due to the two releases they have pumped out in quick succession, this one focuses on 7" Radiant Lines (out on Not Not Fun Records). As is the wont for a 7", the A-Side lets it all hang out, 'Radiant Lines' being a true psychotropic rage through swirling masses of ephemeral matter and noise - lotsa noise. Led by an evangelical madman on peyote. Yeah, Wet Hair take you there. Then the requisite shift of gears that is B-side 'Decay' is nevertheless as skewed as you'd expect a Wet Hair track to be - all mangled tape loop, out of tune plinkings and drones.

As with all Wet Hair release its equal parts irksome and winsome, with a large dollop of weird psych to boot. Which makes the new release something to be very intrigued about - and you will find out what we think very soon!

Wet Hair - Radiant Lines
Wet Hair - Decay

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