Friday 27 May 2011

Iowa Is Flooding The Gasometer!

We here have been big fans of Melbourne slacker noise pop band Iowa for some time now. And whilst they may not be travelling up north today (the bastards...), they are playing a show at the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood tonight. Why am I bothering to tell y'all this? Because it will be their last show before they head into the studio with Neil Thomason (My Disco, Ricane) to record their debut LP! Exciting times indeed.

Now if you live in Melbourne but you have not been to the Gasometer before, its an incredible new bar with great drinks, vibe and has an American style menu complete with shaker fries! Im all up for that. Iowa wil be supported by Tall Buildings (which includes members of ace band Gersey) and Slow Ocean Mind. Its $5, with copies of their red and green 7" being sold for $10 - you can't go wrong!

Iowa - Lose Yourself
Iowa - Gaps In Conversation

Tall Buildings - Tenderness

Slow Ocean Mind - Mixed Lollies (demo)

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