Tuesday 31 May 2011

Fifty Minute Tera...

Those Sacramento noisenik raconteurs Tera Melos are trying to raise funds for their upcoming UK tour in June, and what better way to do it than by selling a 50 minute track? Echo On The Hills Of Knebworth is a jam that they recorded at the end of the Patagonian Rats sessions. Apparently they still had about an hour of recording time paid for, so they decided to do this maelstrom of a track - its pretty ace of base, although I dig this kinda shit like there's no tomorrow. It's only $5 US, which in Australian terms is a couple of cents nowadays, (aint too shabby for you kids spending your hard earned Pounds Sterling either...) for what is possibly my fave Tera Melos track ever put to record. Get it - NOW.

Tera Melos play in London at The Macbeth June 6th - tix are 8 qiud!

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