Friday 13 May 2011

Video Vacuum - Battles, Balkans, White Fence, Iceage

So its Friday. Im not sure about you, but for me its been pretty damn hectic. Lots of great things happened, but Im reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy looking forward to the weekend - its gonna get messy... So here are four killer tracks from four great bands, and some varying degree of awesome videos to accompany them!

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for...BATTLES!

Atlantans Balkans, whose self titled debut album is going great guns, have released a video for track 'Troubled & Done'. Its not the most picaresque of film clips - in fact, its kinda boring. But I do really like these guys, so any coverage is good coverage. Balkans, consider yourself covered.

BALKANS- 'Troubled and Done' from Frank Broyles on Vimeo.

I was unsure of Tim Presely AKA White Fence. He has clout - as lead of Darker My Love and a player in the past few Fall albums - but wasnt sure if his contribution to scuzzy lo fi garage pop was anything to write home about. then I heard Is Growing Faith (out on Woodsist), and have been converted. Listen/watch below and see if you agree...

White Fence - Get That Heart from Behind the Walk-in on Vimeo.

Finally, Denmark's ace angry kids iceage have a vid for 'New Brigade' - watch it and go kick some heads in...

Iceage - New Brigade from iceage on Vimeo

Now get back to work!

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