Wednesday 25 May 2011

Crystal Antlers Go Pagan, Just Wanna Be Friends...

Not sure whether to be happy or upset by this, Crystal Antlers' first taste off their upcoming LP Two-Way Mirror. You see, I was having a debate with some friends last year about the 'relevance' of Crystal Antlers - I for one thought that Tentacles was still a good album, yet had been superseded by other bands of their ilk since its inception back in 2009. Now we can hear on 'Summer Solstice' that they are doing away with the lo-fi nature of Tentacles - but what's this? Is it just me, or does this track sound suspiciously like those New York mad stallions, Les Savy Fav? If you agree that they certainly DO sound like Les Savy Fav, then you might be swayed either way depending on whether you like that band or not. Me? I like Les Savy Fav - they are amazing live - but do we need another one? Im flummoxed...

Crystal Antlers - Summer Solstice

Two-Way Mirror is out July 12, and we will have a better idea then. until then though, give us your thoughts. And in case you forgot, they did create one of the coolest songs ever (in my opinion this is one of my favourite tracks of the 2000s...).

Crystal Antlers - Andrew

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