Wednesday 11 May 2011

88 Assassins Live In Kaneda, Ey?

I have to say I have been dying to get this EP out there. Assassins 88 are surprisingly from the Australia's Capital Territory, or Canberra. not many good bands come from there - other than illegal fireworks and porn, not much ever does. Put out through Dream Damage Records, Kaneda seriously kills - four tracks of abrasively loud yet infectious noise disco punk. If DFA79 werent so - well, DFA, and more HEALTH by way of Lightning Bolt... Shitty comparisons aside, I cant get over how much I fucking love this EP. Could be my favourite short release of the year thus far. Seriously. Fucking get it, or get out.

Assassins 88 - Scanners
Assassins 88 - Sunshine

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