Saturday 28 May 2011

Plant Planting Plants...And Plants

Well it was only a matter of time before someone thought to combine the math intricacies of the likes of Battles with some of the more rhythmic beats that have circulated the chillwave genre in the past couple of the year. Im not sure if they are the first band out of the gates on this, but Plant Plants are the first one Ive heard wrestling this difficult beast. And on the whole I think they do all right. They also do the right thing by not steering too far from basic pop structures from which they can drape their sonic constellations over. They cite disparate influences like The Wicker Man soundtrack, 36 Chambers-era Wu Tang, and Baths. Now I can see the last one - not sure about the other two, but maybe thats where the skewed produciton comes into play. Its worthy of note regardless. They are only a duo, so there's only so much four arms can achieve of course. Indiemathonica? I dont know anymore - I like making up names - I make up new words every day. (Please dont make this a word though...)

If you're in London tonight you can see them support Trophy Wife down at The Lexington (ah, the Lexington, how I miss thee...) - well worth a shout I reckon.

Plant Plants - She's No One

Hands That Sleep by Plant Plants by Plant Plants

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